Published: The Hope: American Jewish Voices in Support of Israel

Rabbi Kirshner was published in The Hope: American Jewish Voices in Support of Israel

Jews around the world hold our sisters and brothers in our hearts at all times. We are a family that spans the globe and whose heart pulses with the hope of 2,000 years. The diverse American Jewish voices included in this volume all communicate one sacred truth: Am Yisrael Chai! The People of Israel Lives! Contributors: Shira Dicker, Jonathan Horowitz, Nora Gold, Leah Israel, Rabbi Ben Goldstein, Rabbi David Baum, Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin, Rabbi Mordecai Finley, Rabbi Yael Splansky, Rich Moline, Alyssa Pinsker, Michael M. Rosen, Debra S. Rappaport Rosen, Rabbi Adam Raskin, Rabbi Michael Adam Latz, Josh Buchin, Rabbi Dan Cohen, Esther D. Kustanowitz, Rabbi Steven C. Wernick, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, Stacey Robinson, Talia Liben Yarmush, Tamar Barbash, Rabbi Michael Berk, Rabbi David Ackerman, Rabbi Mark Bloom, Rabbi David-Seth Kirshner, Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs, Yael Massen, Erika Dreifus, and Alden Solovy

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